How to Make Perfect Caramel Apple Cocktail

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Caramel Apple Cocktail. Love caramel apples, then you are sure to love caramel apple cider cocktail. Caramel Apple Martini Cocktail Drink Recipe is one drink you and your guest are sure to enjoy at any Thanksgiving or holiday parties. A refreshing cocktail inspired by the carnival's Candied Apples, made with Caorunn Gin, Calvados, freshly pressed Granny Smith Apples and Caramelized Spun Sugar on top.

Caramel Apple Cocktail Caramel apples are one of those fair foods that look way better than they are. Keyword: fall cocktail, apple martini, caramel apple martini, martini. A caramel apple martini is a relative to the apple martini, popularly known as the Appletini - an With a cocktail such as the caramel Appletini, part of the fun is experimenting with different libations. You can cook Caramel Apple Cocktail using 3 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Caramel Apple Cocktail

  1. It's 1 shot of apple pie moonshine.
  2. You need 1 shot of Tennessee salted caramel whiskey.
  3. Prepare of Apple juice or cider.

Dip the rim of a cocktail. Red apples on sticks, bathed in gooey caramel. Caramel Apple Moscow Mule, it's our best moscow mule recipe. We love Moscow Mule variations, and this one is a fall winner!

Caramel Apple Cocktail instructions

  1. In a rocks glass add a shot of each the whiskey and moonshine. Top off the glass with your favorite apple juice or cider..
  2. Enjoy!.

The traditional New Orleans cocktail, called a Brandy Milk Punch, is a decadent mixture of heavy whipping cream, flavored sugar syrup, and of course brandy. Combine apple cider and schnapps in a measuring cup. This Salted Caramel Apple Martini tastes like fresh picked caramel dipped apples. This cocktail is super easy to concoct. Fresh apple cider and caramel flavored vodka make up this fabulous fall drink.

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